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    SEO Services in Malaysia

    SEO Services
    (Search Engine Optimization)
    Way to get your business more traffic & better ranking in Malaysia & Global as well !

    SEO Services in Malaysia

    Do you want to rank on the #1 page of search engine such like Google, Yahoo & Bing?

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services can help you to reach this target. Having a great web design and good content does not mean anything, if your website does not show at the search engine result. This will cause your business to have losing potential customers or even losing customers because of low awareness. As a Malaysia SEO company, we provide professional SEO services for your business.

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

    So, what is SEO services?

    SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an digital marketing services that used to boost up the ranking of the website in the search engine both local and global with the targeted keywords. By having a good ranking in search results, it can bring brand awareness, traffic and thus, generate more sales and revenue.

    Internet users search website through few famous search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
    Users found the website through search engine
    Visitors to the website convert into potential customers

    Our SEO Process

    Step 1
    Keywords Research
    We analyse and study on keywords for your business industry and offer suggestion keywords following the current trend
    Step 2
    Sitemap Structure
    We will list down a table of the URL links that will be built for your SEO optimized website
    Step 3
    On-page Optimization
    A guideline for content with title tag, meta description, heading for you. Besides text, we will also suggest to add images for more attractive website
    Step 4
    Code Optimization
    This step involves to update the website with the content by using coding
    Step 5
    Off-page Optimization
    Methods such like directories and blogging to build quality link, in order to improve ranking in search engine such like Google Algorithm
    Step 6
    Reports, Ranking & Results
    We will keep following up and track the keywords ranking of your website till results proven
    What Can SEO Services Help for Your Business?
    It helps you build business credibility
    • They are over billion of online users search by using search engine everyday and most of the website visitors come from a search engine results, instead of a direct link.
    • It is not easy to rank at the top of the search result, as the results can show millions of related information and website. Despite all of the results, most users will only focus on the first page results.
    • The users might not realize about it, but they will believe that your business have a better reputation and quality as you have higher search ranking.
    Return of Investment (ROI)
    • SEO can offer your business a better ROI compare to other traditional offline advertising.
    • After optimized, it can help your business advertise more effectively as the potential customers will automatically search and find you themselves. Once they search for the related keywords, they will be led to your website.
    • Most importantly, most of them can be qualified leads as they are searching with an intention to look for business. With the interest, they may tend to buy your products or services.
    Tracking Customers Information
    • SEO drives traffic to your website. We can able to collect and track this traffic by using tools like Google Analytics.
    • This tool allows us to understand more about them, such like how many users browse your website, the keywords they looking for, the language and their location, as well as the time they spend on the page.
    • This information can be very helpful and valuable to your business as it can help marketer to make a better marketing strategy with the details for their business.
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