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    About Us

    An Digital Marketing Agency

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    ClickPro Media Sdn Bhd

    ClickPro Media Sdn Bhd has been established as an Digital Marketing Company in Malaysia since 2010. In these 10 years of experience, we have become as a trusted and certified partner with Yahoo! Southeast Asia Search Marketing.

    Our contribution, experience, knowledge and wisdom has successfully bring ClickPro Media to the top in the digital industry. Our team members are mostly involved in the field of digital marketing and website development services more than 10 years, which can bring our clients business from traditional to online, gaining more awareness and revenue, their proven skillsets always achieved client’s satisfaction and expectation.

    In this competitive world, we strive to be different and unique than the others. Our team constantly learns and evaluates the best way and latest method of digital marketing to implement in your business in order to follow the latest trend. We not only providing digital marketing services to our client, we also aim to build long term relationship with our client to bring their business to the top.

    Clickpro Media provide various type of digital marketing service such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), as well as website development services. With our team consistently understand and using the best and latest method of digital marketing, we can create digital marketing to make your business stand out, as well as bring conversion and sales to your business.

    As a result, driven company, we embrace difficult problems and creative challenges. We not only accept orders from our clients and perform it, we also give idea initiatively to our clients for more better solutions and breakthrough to our clients.


    Help our client to discover their online business opportunities to grow and build brand value with our digital marketing skills.


    Strive to provide top quality digital marketing services that exceed client’s expectation through what we promise to deliver.


    Throughout all the years, Clickpro Media try to take initiate in regional expansion, in order to capitalize the arising opportunities in the market and increase our growth potential in the market.

    Core Values

    Honesty, integrity, accountability, creditability and business ethnics

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    About Us

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