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E-commerce Design & Development

(Create An Online Shop)

E-Commerce Website – Shopping Online!

In ClickPro Media, we offer website development services to create an e-commerce website for your business which is easy to navigate, user friendly and easy to checkout for payment. We will create a great user experience for users to browse your e-commerce website as it encourages them to purchase through your website.

For additional information, e-commerce services include in many ways such as webstore development. Webstore, such as Shopee, Lazada, Adidas and Nike are very popular and easy to use as everyone can buys and sells anywhere and anytime.

With our website development services for web store, we will tailor and customize your website with your needs and wants. We also make sure that the webstore is easy to use as a customer so that they surf with satisfaction.

Beside that just webstore development, e-commerce also includes different factors for website development.


Hosting means that we will continuously testing, monitor alerts and gather data to make sure your site performs without problems. This is important as poorly developed and hosted ecommerce webstores are vulnerable to the hackers and scams due to high traffic volumes and easy access from whoever.


The internet is very dynamic and constantly changing, there can be a lot of changes in just a night. So, maintenance is very important to update the systems for your webstore and platform. For example, services like servers and backup are include in maintenance services.

Web Design

Besides just building a webstore to perform, the design also very important as it will build the first impression to the users. An easy to use and eye-catching design will give user a enjoyable experience. Easy to find products and products recommendation are also very important for the users as good experience brings better shopping experiences and higher conversion rates as well.

CMS – Content Management System

CMS is an application that use for manage web content such like add, delete and edit your information and then publish it. There are many types of CMS such as WordPress and Wix.

Create Content

Users can create and edit content easily, and publish.

Content Storage

The CMS allow users to store content which users can easily found out the placement.

Work Management

The CMS allow to assign the position and privileges based on their position such as admin and editor.

Collaborative nature

Multiple users are allowed to log in and then contribute or edit content for publish. So, different task can be allocated to different person to carry out in the same CMS. Besides that, it can be access from anywhere since it is a browser-based program.

Easy to use without programming knowledge

CMS allow the users to use and enter text in text form. They can just enter text and upload images in order to edit and publish content without needing to know HTML or CSS.


With a higher budget, you can choose some complex content management system with different kind of features that can help content creators and editors for their job.

The difficulty to remove and edit content

Ideally, it should be the easier, the better. Like mention above, the users can edit by just input text and upload images to do any adjustment without knowing coding knowledge.


If SEO are important to your company or as an SEO company, you should use a CMS that can not only for editing content, but also handles on page optimization activities such as title tags, meta description and URLs.

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