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Website Development Services (Malaysia)

Website Development Services (Malaysia)

We are offering the web development services (Malaysia). Based on what you needs or your requirements to generate a web development to help your business create convenient, effectiveness and efficiency. Having a website development is just like having a solution to resolve the business management issues or using it for marketing purposes to gain awareness and others. It depends on the requirement of the business scope needed, the most important is to resolve your problem at ease with using web development.

Our website development services encompasses with website design, website publishing, web programming and database management. When the website design layout emerges, the web developer will enable the website functionality through coding or programming by creating the content management systems (CMS) which allow users to upload the data and information, by creating the web-based applications, social network applications, publish the website on hosting via intranet or internet and so on.

Below are the methodologies or website development process we use to communicate with our clients to build up a solution to resolve current business issues.


  1. Transform stages
    • We transform your business objective from website design into website development.
  2. Planning stages
    • We plan how the website works according to your business logic, business rules and business strategic.
  3. Implementation stages
    • We implement the programming languages, tools and so on with our expertise to create the website
  4. Testing stages
    • We test the function and features of website development accordingly.
  5. Deploy stages
    • We deploy the website into live.
  6. Maintenance stages
    • We involve on maintenance your website.
  7. Ended
    • We promise we deliver.

Our differences from others is not only to bring out the graphic, flash animations and appearance of your company image, the most important is we integrated the digital marketing of search engine optimization (SEO) friendly for your company website. What we always AIMS is to bring the maximum profit return on your investment, giving you the maximum exposure and gaining internet crowd awareness through the internet.