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Social Media Marketing Service (SMM)

Social Media Marketing Service (SMM)

If you realize the importance of social media marketing (SMM), here you can find out about ClickPro Media’s social media marketing services (SMM Malaysia). Find out the solution of social media marketing, you might already understand it is one of the marketing strategies you cannot be ignore todays. As you know, over a million or more are playing around with the social media platform. You might already know Facebook is the famous platform, come after like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and ready to be there for you as over a million of traffic you might want to get them reach your business and make your business get found at ease.

The power of social media marketing (SMM)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is referring to a process of gaining awareness and quality traffic through social media platforms. Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others enable to let your business to build up your online presence by doing interactive and communication with the targeted traffic, thus to build up a long-term relationship with them through these platforms.

What does these mean to you?
Users share their contents, opinion, views through social media.   Users created a culture that encourage interactive and build community through social media   Over billion of people use social media platform to do interactive.    
Outcome : Massive people > Sales conversion > Profit margin

Top 5 reasons why social media marketing?

  1. Size

Over millions of active users interact within social media platforms. Assume that 1% out of the million users is your business conversion rate. You can imagine how big the market you are investing. Growing or expanding your business is no an issues anymore.

  • Cost

Social Media marketing is always the economical expenditure to invest but high return on gaining awareness and exposure for your online business. It is time to convert the visitor into loyalty customers now.

  • Website Traffic

There are over billion of people do searching every day, over million is coming from social media platform. In order to boost or drive traffic to your company website, social media is the fastest and easiest way to redirecting the traffic to your website.

  • Word of Mouth

Increase your online presence through social media platform to reach out the customers, people will start to know your current brand existing. They will share and comment on the products and services that you provided. They will just simply introduce your brand, product and services to the people who surrounding them.

  • Interactive with end users

Using social media platform to show your business current status is important. It helps to increase the brand online presence, improve the brand loyalty, in the other meaning it is getting more opportunities to convert. As much as the people you capture, interactive getting more, higher conversion rates can be seen.


Facebook helps to drive your business online sales, increase local sales which targeted the niche market, promote your website or app and raise your brand awareness by meeting the people who love your products and services. Facebook connect each of everyone for build a long term relationships within each other every minutes every second. When you want to grow your business, more than a billion of Facebook users are ready to connect to your business. Marketing on Facebook, marketing your business, know your business well, make things matter to the Facebook user to build lasting relationships.


Meet new people > promote website or app > gaining awareness > drive local sales > create lasting relationships > business grow > achieve business goal


Get google+ found, get your audience found. Google+ allows your business stand out to customers online by start a conversation, bring your page to life, find your people, respond to customers’ feedback and connect face-to-face. By using google+, your customers able to hear from you and they will never miss an update; this is how your business builds lasting relationship with the customers. Get started manage the google+ page with your brand or business, grow your audience and stand out on Google+ at the top.


Show up across Google+ > Provide the right information > Build online presence > Build lasting relationships

Function and feature


Over 300 million active users and 500 million Tweet per day, Twitter is a real time information platform to let people discover what is happening on earth for them to share information instantly. Let’s imagine that if your business expose in front of these people, convert into sales by reaching potential customers who are interested in what you offer will be more effectiveness and efficiency. By using the function and features provided, tweet, reply, retweet, favorite, hastag and mention, Twitter allows you to give a quick response and organize your information of your products and services to achieve the higher level customer satisfaction.


Listen to relevant conversation and happening with learn to added value > drive awareness through tweet and sharing > provide customer services with a quick response > Connect with the influencers to build a long term relationship.

Other Social Media Platform

There are many other social media marketing tools or platform in the internet world. As Facebook, Google+, Twitter are commonly we know. Additionally, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and others are having different method of social media marketing by using information (content), picture (image) or video. The different channel of the social media platform is having different method to allow the business owner gaining awareness. It can be seems social media marketing is part of the “NEED” for business to sustain and maintain the relationship between each other todays.