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Submission Directory In SEO

Submission Directory In SEO

A decades ago, before the search engine occurred, the internet users search information through the web directories in order to get the best relevancy results for their own. Until the late in year 2000 & 2010, the appearance of Yahoo and Google helped internet users to get everything in a fast and quick manner by using their great search engine.

Thus, directory submission became a method to submit blog or website as a web directories for users search. Few steps of adding website URL with site details into most appropriate category which allow users to get more relevancy search results.

What is the use of Directory Submission in SEO?

Directory submission is used to increase website indexing by gaining backlinks from top web directories. Quality backlinks improves our keyword ranking in search engines and help us to increase our blog traffic and page rank.

SEO Directory best Tips

  • Register your website or blog to as many directories possible.
  • Start with the directories that have good pagerank and/or alexa ranking, as well as directories recommended from other users.
  • Make sure include directories from the countries you target (if you are interested in Russian clients you need to register into Russian directories).
  • Find the most relevant category (search engines will notice this!)
  • If choosing between two categories pick the one with higher pagerank if possible (use IE pagerank meter)
  • Include your most important keywords in description, but adhere to submission guidelines. (don’t sound too “promotional”)
  • Don’t use excessive “hype” in your descriptions – just look at other websites in the same category!
  • Look at the websites in the same category – title & description – make yours similar but unique.
  • Stagger your submissions. Search engines like to see a “natural progression” of new links each month.

Source from: ConvertPLC

Precaution of Trust factors

Check the site has a strong result for domain age (that is, it wasn’t created five minutes ago), domain authority, Alexa rank (popular with ‘real’ people) and Google PageRank. All these trust factors help show that the site is worthwhile being listed on.

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