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    website maintenance

    Website Maintenance
    Keeps your website clean and secure.

    website maintenance

    What is Website Maintenance?

    Website maintenance is a regular website development services to check your website for any issues and keep update to make it relevant. This need to be done on a consistent routine in order to keep your website safe and updated info, improve SEO ranking.

    It is important to keep maintain the business website as it helps to attract and retain with your customers. You may not need to maintain your website always, but it is still needing a regular check up to make it safe and healthy, such like body check up for a human.

    Checklist for steps in website maintenance

    A website maintenance should be a consistent effort as it involves many parts. If not correctly implement and carry out, it can cause some serious problems to your website and business. It needs awareness and planning to understand what steps you need to carry out for your website, especially when you have a large site with a lot of pages. This is because the introduction of different new tools that can help to build your website easier, while maintenance is not as easy as build.

    Below are some steps for checking and maintain.

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    Weekly basis

    • Check pages loading without error.
    • Remove spam comments.
    • Search for any 404 errors.
    • Publish blog posts to keep updated info and boost SEO traffic.
    • Test any form and calls to action.

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    Monthly basis

    • Check the loading speed of the webpage.
    • Security scanning.
    • Track and analyse website traffic and statistics.

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    Quarter basis

    • Review for improvement of design and structure.
    • Test your website on all devices to ensure it runs and show properly.
    • Review advertising to see any updates need.

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    Yearly basis

    • Update any reference.
    • Review for content about accuracy, relevant and grammar.
    • Ensure a renewed domain name.

    Importance of Website Maintenance

    We provide some easy, cheap and good solutions for all website owners that looking to set up and maintain your online business profile. Below are some ideas about important of website maintenance services.

    A team of Specialist at your service

    In Clickpro Media, we have web developer, designer, SEO specialist that are ready to help anytime to build a website at your desire. Drop us an enquiry, and we will come to you and provide free consultation for you.

    Performance & Security

    A fast loading, error-free website is also very satisfactory and important to both end-users and the business owner. With our maintenance services, we will be tracking and monitor your website, as well as performing updates and patching to your website for best security and performance.

    Good Impression & Designs

    Your website is the best marketing factor for your business. First impressions are very important and it will be an important factor to let your audience to keep looking at your website. Trendy design and difference useful function need to be implemented without rebuild your website.

    New Contents Update

    No matter which industry is your business with, they are always new information and updates every time. With our website maintenance services, we can keep provide services to update your website with the latest info, trends and articles for your audience.

    SEO Friendly

    SEO services or search engine optimization services can help your business website to rank higher in search engine results such like Google and Yahoo. We can transform your website into SEO-friendly, so the algorithms can crawl and index your website easily.

    Insights about Audience

    With Google Analytics, you can measure your return of investment (ROI) of your website. Besides that, you can track the impression, clicks and the activity of your audience. By tracking this record, you can manage your marketing strategy more flexible and increase your potential profit with different strategies.

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