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Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. has signed an agreement with ClickPro of Malaysia.

Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. has signed an agreement with ClickPro of Malaysia.


Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Ltd. (OTC PINK: SUIC) has signed an agreement with ClickPro of Malaysia, one of the leading digital marketing stalwarts that is also a certified partner of both Yahoo! Southeast Asia. The SUIC-ClickPro team is currently working on the digital marketing campaigns in time for the launch of Fintech, AI, Global Supply Chain Finance and DeFi projects of SUIC this year.

This cooperation is expected to drive long-term sustainable growth adopting a cross-channel digital strategy. SUIC believes that ClickPro has the first-class digital expertise and breadth of experience required to drive SUIC’s growth overseas, increase SUIC website awareness and engage fully with a wider audience through social media marketing services.

About ClickPro Media Sdn Bhd.

As one of the top digital marketing companies in Malaysia, Clickpro Media Sdn Bhd has been successful in the digital marketing industry since 2010. ClickPro has been appointed and certified as a trusted partner of Yahoo! Southeast Asia for Search Marketing. ClickPro as a digital marketing company, provides various type of services, such as search engine optimization (SEO), website development as well as Google Display Network (GDN). ClickPro has many clients from other countries such as Singapore, China and also many local Malaysian companies, such as the car manufacturer Proton, home appliances company, Aiwa, branding and advertising design company, M Creative Sdn. Bhd., among others.

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About Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company, USA

The Sino United Worldwide Consolidated Company provides research and development, venture financing for and investing in private enterprises and the public sector that develops products and services adopting core capabilities of the Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile payment, Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence, to enhance and streamline existing processes, and establish new and exciting business models that will create revolutionary products and services. Shareholders of SUIC will be exposed to the diverse application of advanced services in various parts of the economy. Additionally, existing and potential customers can benefit from this company’s diversified portfolio of technologies. As one of the pioneering publicly traded technology companies, SUIC will help build tech-enabled businesses of the future.

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