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Ways to keep audience on your website

Ways to keep audience on your website

When visitors come to your website, they usually will not read the entire page or entire website. Mostly, they will just look for few paragraphs or parts that they need. So, a creative and rich content is the first important factor for audience to stay and read your website.

However, they are also few factors that can affect the audience as well.

  • Lists.

Lists can be used to present an overall idea about your content. It can show a summary to not only readers, but to the search engine as well. You often can see rich snippets of lists at the top position of search engines. It can show summary for them to them to attract more clicks.

  • Graphs and Charts.

These components can be used to show statistics in your content. This is essential to use to compare things, such as before and after, let audience to have an easier overall view for the idea.

  • Tables

Breaking down content and arrange them into tables can help audience to understand complex info in just a glance. However, tables are tricky to show in mobile devices though, so it need some adjustments to adapt it.

  • Mobile compatibility

If you have tracking data using Google Analytics or other website tracking services, you will notice that more and more audience are browsing your website by using mobile devices. So, having a mobile responsive design for your website are becoming more and more important. The website can adjust according to the screen size automatically to show a good-looking view.

  • Sections

Proper sections are important to separate out large information into several parts for easy to read. Without sections, audience will find a hard time to look for the information and thus lose interest to your website. Headings, spacing, and paragraphs can help readers and search engines to better understand and crawl your content.