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Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a SMM services that refer to online advertising that focus on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and more. It is a way to drive traffic to your website, broaden reaches and increase brand awareness. Creative graphics and design are a way to draw the traffic in easily. Ads are showing to users based on information gathered from target audiences. The goal for all paid ads is to generate more leads and ROI. Each social media advertisement posted should be connect to landing page that contain call to action. It will maximize the effectiveness of the campaigns and it also a way to track the results.

All of the major social media platform are offering social media advertising options. It does not mean you must use all of them. You should clear with your target audience before you make your decision, it helps to know which social media platform are most popular with your target audience. For example, youngsters are mostly active on Instagram or Snapchat. A platform where your content will strikes a chord with followers are an obvious choice for your first campaign. ClickPro Media will research for your business before we give you any advice on which platform to advertise on.

If you want your business to increase visibility at the social media platform, promoting post is a good way to do so. The more exposure of your post content to others, the more often your post will be showing on people’s news feed. Nowadays people often check page “likes” to judge whether it is a trusted company. Research shows that higher likes or follower pages, people are more likely to engage with them. Social media platform are very active because people often view it several times per day and spend a lot of time engaging with others people. So ads on the social media platform are more likely to be clicked, shared and seen by people.

Your target audience can be very niche and specific at Facebook because every individual user on social media tend to fill in a lot of personal information on their profile like gender, location, age, interest, education and more. At Facebook you will have the opportunity to interact directly with your followers, which will make them become loyal and long term customers. It also make your business seem more approachable in their minds. Social media advertising is very cost effective because you can set on the target people who are interested in your products or services. It is very similar with PPC, you only paid when they clicked on your ads. It also a cheaper option if you would like to test market for your campaigns or certain products, you do not need to waste a lot of money on ads that are not performing.

Not sure if social media advertising is suitable for your business? ClickPro Media are happy to help you find out. Call us now to ask for more information, we are available on phone or email to assist you. You will have a clearer idea after you consult us.