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SEO Results

How long it takes to see SEO results? It is depends on how long your website has been around, web design, content and more. At ClickPro Media, we expect to see the keywords in the top 10 ranking within 6 months under optimization. The measure of success will be the traffic and sales that we bring to your website. We will provide the guideline for the SEO strategy as our SEO services which about details information that we recommend to do so and reason behind them. We always communicate with our clients for the changes needed on the website in order to get ranked and get traffic.

It does not have a clear answer for the timeframe. Because Google has been changing its algorithm 500-600 times a year, and not all ranking factors are created equal. This is why ClickPro Media will keep an eye on our client’s website and make sure it is up to date from time to time. Creating more quality content than your competitors will drives SEO results. Quality content will not only attract and resonate with more users, but it will also let you bypass the competition with your competitors in search engines. ClickPro Media will ensure all the elements on your page are being optimized and actively promote it. It will help to establish your website as an expert in that industry to your audience.

Keep in mind that search engines are always concerned on organic or natural search results especially Google. They are very concerned on what end users always need. We definitely follow Google Webmaster guidelines in order to get the SEO results. It also known as White Hat SEO, it refers to the pure techniques, tactics with optimization strategies that target human audience ethically without breaking the search engines rules and policies. Although using hand crafted Google compliant techniques will take much more time to optimize, but the results are earned and long lasting. It is 100% safe from Google penalties.

In other hand, Black Hat SEO means unethical and usually does not obey to the search engines guidelines. For example, creating keywords stuffing, invisible text, and unrelated keywords to the page content or page swapping. Although Black Hat SEO may get quick results on page ranking, but once the Google Algorithm detects the manipulative tactics, you may get ban from search results due to offense Google’s terms and conditions. Many of the SEO agencies and consultants provide useful services and some of them might use the fraud way to make your website gain a heavy damage and bad reputation that cause Google penalty.

SEO results grow over time, within 6 months is when your start seeing results and should be consider less than what you are getting at 12 months. Many companies quit after 2 to 3 months because they are not getting the results to justify the cost. SEO I a long term marketing tactic and you should not expect to generate sales quickly. For the long run, SEO definitely is the most effective internet marketing tool with the best ROI.