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Google SEO

Google SEO is a type of search engine ranking optimization (SEO), is a process of boosting up the ranking on Google search engine results with the keywords we targeted. ClickPro Media offered Google SEO which help our clients to get quality traffic by using search result with the natural or organic search. Based on the market analysis through online with using keywords research, what current trend is going on in your business industry. An organic search results will enable you to get quality traffic which is very precise and niche market at ease.

By having a great web design and amazing content is only half way of the battle to start an online business. If your website do not show up on Google search engine, it will be low ROI and traffic no matter how great your website is. Who need Google SEO? Any businesses, companies, industries or entrepreneur that would like to maximize exposure on the internet platform to gain online presence. Google SEO plays a major role in the online marketing. By contributing a high ranking in the search results, it helps to generate quality traffic and build up the brand awareness of a company. And of course with more people visit your website, it will help increase your sales and revenue at the same time.

Google is the most widely used search engine on the internet, more than 97% of the internet users search website through Google search engine and it receives over 5.6 billion searches per day. Around 25% of the visitors to the website convert into potential customers. Google SEO is another effective way for your online customers to find you easily. Many users believe that Google is the most reliable and quickest search engine. Google homepage is very simple and easy to use with the quick loading speed because it show fewer ads on its homepage compare to Bing and Yahoo. Displaying fewer ads gives Google an advantage because its pages are easier to read and understand by users.

Google is extremely good at ranking website by their relevant content to users. Ranking on the first page is important for your business in the world of internet marketing. You are most likely losing a lot of potential customers if your website is not listed on the first page in search engine result. Because according to a research, more than 98% of the internet searches end on the first page.

A data driven Google SEO will always take care of your website after they review on your website. Site structure, content development, technical advice such as hosting, how Google view on your website, keyword research and others. If you don’t have any idea about how Google SEO work, we always welcome you to ask us more details on our services. If you could reach us by the Google search engine, it means our Google SEO is working! ClickPro Media’s team will definitely happy to answer and give you the best solution that you need for your website.