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Bing SEO

When we talk about SEO, Google will first to our mind for most search engine experts. Most of the experts often neglect the second most used search engine like Bing, Bing SEO can also be a lucrative channel. You could be wasting your effort if you did not include it in your list. Bing SEO help improve your website in the search engine ranking optimization. It is one of the most reliable, cost saving and effective way to increase your website visibility to the targeted users who are actively searching for services or products they need. There are more than 95% people who are depends on search engines for locating information and businesses. If your business has no presence on the search engine, you are definitely missing out on a large portion of potential customers.

Since most of the search engine experts go after Google, Bing has lower competition. Bing traffic also have a lower bounce rate and higher quality compare to Google. Bing users viewed more pages and clicked more affiliate links compare to other search engine. Yahoo SEO and Bing SEO are similar thing, so if you are optimizing for Yahoo at the same time you are also essentially optimizing for Bing. Both search engines have their own algorithms which is automatic system that determine how to rank websites for keywords. Bing and Yahoo combine market share dominates around 30%, and paid search share is expected to continue in an upward growth.

Bing SEO is grabbing the attention of those who are looking to reach a wider range audience and rank higher on both search engines. You do not want your business to miss the chance to be a part in the search engine result pages. The competition at Bing is potentially lower compare to Google. The same keyword we use on Google SEO, at Bing SEO might have a better results. Because many competitor are opting out of ranking in Bing. Bing SEO has not implemented many algorithm yet for ranking and indexing. As we know, Google has frequent updates for its algorithms which sometimes leave search engine experts scrambling to adapt to the changes. You might face a sudden drops on Google, but you will still reach a wide range of audience on Yahoo at Bing while trying to adjust the changes on Google.

SEO algorithms is constantly changing, so it is not wise to put all your effort into one basket. The only way to ensure your business to stay on top of the search engines result pages is to optimize every search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. You will potentially reach a wider audience and beat your competitors to the punch. If you rank well on Bing, you will also rank well on Yahoo, as Bing powers Yahoo search. Need some advice for optimizing Bing SEO? ClickPro Media experts are happy to answer your questions and give you the best solutions for your online business. Call us now to find out what we can do to help you succeed online.