Why Do We Need To Write Blogs Or Contents For SEO?

Couple of years ago, search engine optimization was something that marketers let the webmasters handle. Many commercial websites tend to be very static. There’s not much need to update product or contact information more than a couple of times a month. This paucity of new content is very bad for SEO, though. Search engines are looking for active websites on a particular topic. If you’re a landscaper, for example, a static listing of your services will penalize your website in the rankings.

This is why blogging is more important than ever. Why are blogs so important for SEO? Simple, it is because, content is KING, and Google loves content, Google like to see what you write or describe about your industries, Google like to know what your industries all about, and what makes distributing updated content easy and effective? Thus, continuous writing content, is very important for every SEOer.

Blogs. As an easy to use content management system (CMS), blogs allow everyday individuals to post content about their industry and area of expertise, without having to know how to code web pages. Implementing a blog onto your website instantly gives your website the ability to rapidly grow in size and content.

Every site we work with will include blog functionality. Sometimes we don’t call it a blog, but may title it a ‘Reference Center’, ‘Industry Updates’ or some other phrase that fits your site’s look and feel, but the concept is the same, a blog CMS infrastructure needs to be added to each site.

We make this easy, by including it right with your site, with your look and feel. Then, we can create content and consistently post it ourselves, or teach you how to do the same. As long as Google is getting fresh, consistent and updated industry specific content, then with time, your site will start to get better rankings.

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