What To Write In My SEO Content?

Many people’s questioning, how to write a quality or unique content for SEO? First of all, I would like to rectify this matter, many people have a misunderstanding, “WRITING CONTENT FOR SEO”, and instead it was so wrong. The content was mentioned, is actually writing text that readable by human, but neither for SEO, nor GoogleBot too.

So, what do we need to do? Before we start writing up our new content, you will need to choose the keywords that you desire. Make it appear on your title; insert them in your meta-tags and within the content of your post. But always bear in mind, do not over use keywords on your content. Do not purposely create a content which is unreadable by human, write content which are fresh yet unique. Keep it short, about 300-1500 words, and to the point.

What should we write for the content? Great question! Be frankly said, not many people can always produce unique content, but if you asked for my advice, there are 3 ways technique that I used to do:

– Testimonial or Experiences

– Foreseen or New Insight

– Humour Content or Gag

Testimonial or Experiences

Either from client’s testimonial or feedback just do sharing with your experiences! For me, it was unique enough to writing compelling copy. Write with your feel, explain why you feel these figures are so important, and what make you believe they mean, give your golden opinions, even if they are contrary to the popular beliefs on the subject. No worry, if some disagreements happen, that will start the debate and get your comments section buzzing!

Foreseen or New Insight

Have foreseen or new insight to your business, products, and industries. if you genuinely enough to say about these topic that no one has ever mention before, congratulation! You gotta golden token! Be it new facts, or just a new perspective. This kind of article will naturally make your article unique, and will attract people who are interested in the subject want to read it.

Humour Content or Gag

Find an interesting gag take on a topic, although this is not the best way, but at least it did help to attract people to read on your article, and make your article exclusively unique!

Sometime, you may also want to add links to your article, remember, avoid just saying “Click here for more”. Adding back links from credible website that you used as a source is important as it builds trust and credibility with your reders about the information you are sharing. If you have insert images on your article, please don’t forget to optimize your images with relevant keywords to name your image files or graphics. Make the image size as small as possible, as the loading time of images can have great impact on your SEO too.

When all has done, please proofreading your entire article or having another set of eyes review it prior to submission. A family member or friend can often times offer a different perspective and can help you notice spelling and grammar errors that you were unable to see. Imagine if you are relying on keywords to help you be more searchable and you misspell those keywords, then all your hard work becomes futile. If English is not your primary language, we strongly suggest that you have articles proof-read prior to submission by someone who has English as their native language.

My conclusion is, writing a fresh yet unique content, is not that hard nor easy. But somehow writing a fresh and unique content is time consuming. My advice, if you are serious about SEO, yet you have so little time to preparing your content, it would be wise to spend a little money and hire an SEO Specialist to do for you.