How Search Engine Work?

Obviously, we got the question asked from our friends around “How Does Search Engine Work?”, for me, that was a good question, but the truth is, no one know exactly how does the Search Engine work. All SEO Strategies has their own experiences, so might have different advice and opinion from them. But usually things that search engine are likely the Link and Contents. I might divided it into few section, so that you can absorbed easily.

The Link

It is very usual that we named the search engines as google bot or spiders, or crawler, which they are functioning as crawl the links through the internet, they read through all the web pages, looking for the links to other web pages. As per our understanding, the more links that they could find through the internet, the heavier the page must be.

Submission site is not necessary if you have enough backlink to your site, because the google bot will follow the link to reach you. Submission site is using for the major search engines when comes to necessary, for example like when you don’t have other folks linking to your site.

There are two types of links, Inbound Link (aka BackLink) and Outbound Link. Inbound link, or more favorable called backlink, if referred to

“inbound link is a hyperlink on third-party web page that points to a web page on your site.” ~ source from:

Whereas, Outbound links are from you to someone else, just some sort like votes for someone else, but do not too excessive to create the outbound link, otherwise, it might negatively affect your web ranking on search engine. What you needs are arranged voluntarily link to you, but of course it must depends on who you are, and what your site contains, meaning, the outbound links must related to your website contains.

Obviously, people would likely to do exchange link, for example like reciprocal link that we could found during our directory or ads submission, the purpose of exchange link is to link back to your webpage. Thus, the directories are always the first choice to get links to your webpage.

Another suggestion will be forum as an option. Yes! Forum might also a good option, but do not go round posting random posts like promoting your webpage, because this might considered your link as spamming. Some of the forum allows you to link your site with your signature, make sure you have relevant info and useful content on your site, and link to their relevant discussion board in the forum. For example, if someone enquiry on something or maybe information that you have used, you could post your link to the forum as your answer or feedback.

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